In the dark dark woods
In the dark dark woods, there was a dark dark path.
And up that dark dark path, there was a dark dark house.
And in that dark dark house, there were the dark dark stairs.
And up those dark dark stairs, there was a dark dark room.
And in that dark dark room, there was a dark dark cupboard.
And in that dark dark cupboard, there was a dark dark box.
And in that dark dark box, there was

But where will that ghost be if these dark dark woods are there no more?

The installation The Burned Tree is visiting Athens before next summer addresses some political and social issues, but in the same time the tree itself is seducing viewer by its emotional, dramatic quality that is speaking by itself. The extra explanation is not needed. You do not have to be an artist or too intellectual to feel the presents of 100 years old burned tree staying in front of you in very unusual environment. This tree is there and you cannot ignore it. So you have to deal with it somehow, you have to react. It is real, more oppressive, more violent, then when you see it through the TV screen.

Installation at

RootlessRoot has taken one of the biggest tree from Parnitha Mountain that was burned during the wild fires in Greece into display in BENAKI MUSEUM. RootlessRoot had installed its core together with sound installation of VASSILIS MANZOUKIS.

To smell and touch this giant tree in a shape that appeared to be nearly the same as of our spine. The tree was on display outside the museum for over six months. Contact with the texture and smell of this burnt tree touched people (passers-by) far more that any image on screen.

Technical director